DermSpectra is an innovator in the field of total body digital medical imaging and is a leader for adoption of standardized image based documentation for medical practices and clinical trials. Based in Tucson, Arizona, DermSpectra was founded by Karleen Seybold, a former senior engineering manager at Raytheon.

After years of collaboration and research, DermSpectra has launched their latest imaging technology, DermSpectra Automated Total Body Digital Skin Imaging System. The high-resolution system is the first of its kind that allows for automated, simple, accurate, precise imaging of body surfaces and the easy application of viewing, recording, documenting, and storing changes and abnormalities that are especially useful and aid in the detection of early signs of skin cancer.

DermSpectra’s business development initiative is working with health care settings including private practices (dermatologists and general practitioners), imaging centers, hospitals, residency programs, telemedicine centers, and clinical trial sites to customize a seamless documentation and archiving system.

DermSpectra is a privately held company headquartered in Tucson, Arizona, with manufacturing facilities in Mountain View, California. For immediate information, call 800-610-2079.