An Image is Worth a Thousand Words

The DermSpectra automated total body imaging system captures and stores detailed skin and body images. Objective documentation of findings is relevant for proper identification of skin lesion changes over time, onset of new lesions requiring additional assessment, and monitoring of treatment response for inflammatory, infectious, and neoplastic conditions. Unlike other images or “pictures” that are taken, the DermSpectra images are completely standardized, using the perfect, direct, bright lighting with high speed, professionally focused cameras, and lenses customized to the patient skin type for optimal results.

The DermSpectra technology does not just stop at taking the best images, but it also allows for  multiple images to be “stitched” together so that a complete 2-D, head to toe, body image scan is delivered to the patient and physician.
No longer do physicians and patients have to carry multiple images or “photo albums” of their body parts and try to compare the same skin area under different conditions of light and focus. DermSpectra makes comparison and documentation easy and effective.

  • Provides standardized and reproducible images with 36.7 MP resolution
  • Standardized and optimized illumination for high quality exposure
  • Perfectly focused images to provide enhanced zooming capabilities
  • 9 standardized repeatable poses to provide 85% of body surface coverage

According to Dr. Richard Carmona, 17th U.S. Surgeon General and DermSpectra board member, “Capturing digital skin images and tracking them year-over-year will aid in the early detection and management of skin diseases and cancers such as melanoma. DermSpectra is focused on early skin cancer detection with the goal that every person should have a total body digital skin image in their medical record.”

The DermSpectra Solution

The DermSpectra total body digital skin imaging system equips physicians with a state-of-the-art, powerful skin and body imaging tool. Dedicated to the advancement of innovative medical technologies in early skin disease detection, the system is rapidly gaining adoption by the medical community, government, and general public. The DermSpectra total body digital skin imaging system offers dermatologists, primary care physicians, telemedicine centers, vein specialists, and cosmetic and plastic surgeons an advanced medical imaging system that easily fits into the standard medical office.


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