All About The Patient

Patients are advised to perform self-examination seeking changes or development of new skin lesions. Such recommendation requires a venue for the patients to be able to objectively make a skin assessment overtime. DermSpectra total body imaging can aid in providing a greater level of comfort to the patient. Comprehensive body imaging and documentation allows for patients to have another layer of confidence and resource to enhance their level of care.


  • High resolution color imaging
  • Comprehensive body imaging from head to toe (85% coverage)
  • Private storage of all images and date marked for easy comparison


  • Less than 10 minute imaging session
  • Complete safe, private, and requires no preparation
  • Image capture automation


  • Provides another tool for your physician to perform a more informed skin assessment
  • Offers a tangible and objective method for you and your physician to evaluate changes over time
  • Enhances your medical and patient history and documentation
  • Provides peace of mind knowing that you have used the most accurate skin analysis machine for total body imaging and documentation that is available to date

Step by Step Patient Experience

  1. A trained professional greets patient and provides brief overview of the imaging session
  2. The patient disrobes, choosing the level of minimal clothing they are most comfortable with for the imaging sessionskin assessment
  3. The patient then enters the DermSpectra® imaging unit and closes the door
  4. A trained professional is available outside the unit if the patient requires assistance or has questions
  5. An instructional video begins to play on the monitors located inside the imaging stationskin analysis machine the DermSpectra unit
  6. The patient is slowly walked through each pose and is automatically told when to switch from each of the selected poses
  7. The patient and trained professional are alerted that all selected poses have been completed
  8. The patient privately exits the unit and gets dressed
  9. The information is subsequently, directly and securely, sent to the referring physiciandermatologist

According to Dr. Richard Carmona, 17th U.S. Surgeon General and DermSpectra board member, “Capturing digital skin images and tracking them year-over-year will aid in the early detection and management of skin diseases and cancers such as melanoma. DermSpectra is focused on early skin cancer detection with the goal that every person should have a total body digital skin image in their medical record.”

Improve Early Detection

The DermSpectra Total Body Digital Skin Imaging System solution strives to improve early detection of melanomas and treatment outcomes for patients and physicians by providing standardized, high-definition digital skin images that enable a comprehensive view and comparison of skin lesions and body changes over time.


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