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Total Body Digital Skin Imaging -

Filling a Critical Gap in Skin Cancer Detection

Documentation and Standardization Matters

Capturing digital skin images and being able to track them year-over-year is critical for the early detection and management of skin diseases and cancers such as melanoma. Objective documentation of findings is relevant for proper identification of skin lesion changes over time, onset of new lesions requiring additional assessment, and monitoring of treatment response for inflammatory, infectious, and neoplastic conditions.

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Images Change Everything

DermSpectra’s advanced medical technology modernizes the way physicians visually capture and compare skin irregularities by rapidly providing objective, high-definition images to aid in early detection of skin cancers.

Advanced Medical Technology for Skin Cancer.

DermSpectra Total Body Digital Skin Imaging modernizes the way university medical centers, cancer centers, and dermatologists can visually detect, track, and monitor vital skin irregularities, like moles, psoriasis, eczema, and lesions.


  • Standardized imaging (consistent optimized lighting, fixed cameras, consistent distance to subject) to provide clear change detection and proper evaluation
  • 36.7 MP high resolution color imaging allows for pinpoint detection of the smallest details in any skin change
  • Simple, easy to use graphic user interface to review, evaluate, and organize images
  • Images, documentation/notes, and patient information are integrated and secured in one place
  • Immediate and automatic file transfer to central storage server or pdf attachment to Electronic Health Record
  • Imaging in less than 10 minutes – safe, secure and private
  • Meets HIPAA regulations, secure data and transfers to EMR
  • Fits in a standard dermatologist’s office, with desktop or tablet interface