DermSpectra™ Total Body Digital Skin Imaging System Available to Patients and Area Dermatology and Primary Care Practices Sets Industry Standard in Digital Skin Imaging

Posted on November 21, 2014 by DermSpectra™

Tucson, AZ – The DermSpectra™ Total Body Digital Skin Imaging System, a solution enabling physicians to track and monitor critical skin changes (skin cancers, eczema, moles, psoriasis, and rashes) over time, is now available for use by patients and area dermatology and primary care practices.

Featuring advanced medical technology, the system provides convenient, high-resolution digital skin imaging in ten-minute privacy booth sessions. Digital skin images are securely and immediately delivered post-session to physician iPads for review, annotation, and recording to patient medical files, and to patients via encrypted USB drives. The DermSpectra iPad viewing application is now available at the Apple store for download.

More than 86% of participants of an area pilot study reported being very satisfied with their DermSpectra™ Total Body Digital Skin Imaging System experience and 88% said total body imaging is very important to the quality of medical care. Only 13% had confidence in hand-written physician notes. Pilot studies through beta system testing have been underway at Phoenix-area private dermatology practices, most recently at Southwest Skin Specialists in Scottsdale, Arizona.

“DermSpectra™ is setting the industry benchmark with its innovative technology – standardized digital skin imaging is currently not available,” explains Karleen Seybold, co‐founder and chief executive officer of DermSpectra™. “Supported by organizations like Science Foundation Arizona and a strong medical and business advisory board that includes Dr. Richard Carmona, 17th U.S. Surgeon General, DermSpectra™ is advancing skin cancer screening and early detection, ensuring the best possible healthcare outcomes for patients.”

“The DermSpectra™ Total Body Digital Skin Imaging System equips physicians with a state-of-the-art, powerful skin and body imaging tool,” states Dr. Richard Carmona. “Dedicated to the advancement of innovative medical technologies in early skin disease detection, the system is rapidly gaining adoption by the medical community, government, and general public.”

DermSpectra’s image-based screening is well-timed, as the Affordable Care Act is expected to expand preventative health care for millions of patients by directing roughly $20 billion over the next 10 years to disease prevention, health maintenance, and wellness. (Reference: Medical Device Business by Arundhati Parmar on August 28, 2013)

The DermSpectra™ Total Body Digital Skin Imaging System can be accessed in two locations: Scottsdale Healthcare Shea Medical Center, 10200 N 92nd Street, Suite 200 in Scottsdale, Arizona and the DermSpectra™ LLC offices at 2601 N Campbell Avenue, Suite 205 in Tucson, Arizona. Digital skin imaging sessions are available for $150 to $199, which includes one copy of images for patient use.

Digital skin imaging sessions can now be scheduled online for either location at or by calling DermSpectra™ at 1-800-610-2079.

About DermSpectra™

DermSpectra™, based in Tucson, AZ, is a solutions-oriented medical device company co-founded by Karleen Seybold. The DermSpectra™ Total Body Digital Skin Imaging System is a proprietary solution that delivers patented high resolution imaging, secure storage, and immediate viewing capabilities. With the most advanced level of precision in the market, DermSpectra™ sets the industry standard (definition, timing, lighting, image quality, data formats, storage, and interfaces) in digital skin imaging. DermSpectra™ Total Body Digital Skin Imaging System beta units are being successfully used by well-known medical and research centers, including Southwest Skin Specialists and Genentech/University of Arizona Cancer Center. For more information about DermSpectra™, visit