Physicians FAQ

Ducumentation Matters – A Competitive Advantage for Practices

The DermSpectra® automated total body imaging system empowers physicians by providing comprehensive and accurate imaging of patients skin surfaces. The imaging system and its laptop and tablet viewing application allows for easily accessible, standardized, and efficient methods of comparing and documenting skin lesions and body changes over time. A true complimentary method to aid in the monitoring and accurate assessment of any type of skin conditions overtime.


  • 36.7 MP high resolution color imaging allows for pinpoint detection of the smallest details in change
  • Nine repeatable poses for 85% of total body area
  • Standardized imaging (consistent optimized lighting, fixed cameras, consistant distance to subject) so clear change detection can be
  • evaluated properly

Image Review Application

  • Simple, easy to use graphic user interface to review, evaluate, and organize images
  • Allows for easy notes and marks to identify, track, and monitor skin lesions
  • Images, documentation/notes, patient information are integrated and secured in one place
  • Patients are categorized based on physician system of organization
  • Detailed written or voice notes can be stored based on patient and individual noted change detection/lesion
  • Magnification and zooming can be performed on any area of image


  • Complete automation of imaging
  • Graphic interfaces allows for quick, intuitive navigation to access and store patient information
  • Immediate and automatic file transfer to central storage server or pdf attachment to Electronic Health Record